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These are the selected works for sale available at Gallery Dei Gratia. This inventory is primarily focused on the works of Guy Anderson from his estate. If interested, please call to inquire about specific pieces or make an appointment at your leisure to see any works at the gallery personally.

Guy Anderson

The selected works of Guy Anderson from his estate. Over 700 pieces are viewable within containing a specific number, dimensions, year, etc. All works are for sale.

View Artist Gallery

Morris Graves

The youngest member of the Northwest School, his preoccupation was with mythic ideas, the symbolic use of birds, and other animals. His works are included in many international shows and museum collections.

View Artist Gallery

Mark Tobey

an American abstract expressionist painter, born in Centerville, Wisconsin. Widely recognized throughout the United States and Europe, Tobey is the most noted among the "mystical painters of the Northwest." Senior in age and experience, Tobey had a strong influence on the others. Friend and mentor, Tobey shared their interest in philosophy and Eastern religions. Along with Guy Anderson, Kenneth Callahan, Morris Graves, Tobey was a founding member of the Northwest School.

View Artist Gallery

Wesley Wehr

He was an important diarist and lifelong friend of members of the Northwest School. He was a serious paleobotanist, author, musician, and painter.

View Artist Gallery

William Cumming

Largely self-taught, Cumming was a younger painter associated, though not technically a member, with the Northwest School which included Guy Anderson, Morris Graves, Mark Tobey, and Kenneth Callahan.

View Artist Gallery

Jay Steensma

He was a Seattle painter of many years whose reputation grows with the years. he painted in an expressionistic style, often on humble materials.

View Artist Gallery

Pehr Halston

Mark Tobey's friend and secretary. He began painting late in life.

View Artist Gallery

Ed Kamuda

Born in Queens New York, Ed Kamuda has lived in the Pacific Northwest for the last forty five years. An important life model for many Guy Anderson artworks, he developed his own style over the years, principally in an expressionist, semi-abstract style.

View Artist Gallery

Works by Additional Artists

Works by James Martin, John Koenig, Joseph Reno, and others.

View Gallery

Catalogues, Books, Posters, and Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous collectable pieces

View Gallery